State of art Level 2 NICU Care

NICU Care Level 2

This unit primarily provides assisted ventilation and continuous positive airway pressure. This level comes with the capability to resuscitate and stabilise pre-term and ill infants before being transferred to a facility where newborn intensive care is provided. This unit can provide care for infants born at greater than 30 weeks gestation and weighing lesser than 1500 g who show signs of :

Physiologic immaturity such as inability to maintain body temperature, apnea of prematurity, or inability to take oral feedings Being moderately unwell with problems that are anticipated to resolve rapidly and are not anticipated to need sub specialty services on an urgent basis. They can also provide care to babies who are convalescing after intensive care. Some units also come with the additional capability to provide mechanical ventilation for brief duration.

Many expectant parents think that all hospitals are the same, but neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) levels and levels of neonatal care vary greatly by the hospital. Some hospitals can provide expert care to the smallest and sickest of babies, including micro-preemies. Other hospitals are set up to provide only well-baby care for healthy term babies and must transfer premature or sick babies to other facilities.

Whether you are choosing a hospital at which to deliver, or you have a baby that requires special care, it helps to know your options. Learn more about the differences between a well-baby nursery, a special care nursery, and a level 3 or level 4. We are the best Neonatal Care Hospital Dhanori, Visit now.