Hypertension In Pregnancy

What causes hypertension in pregnancy?

The cause of gestational hypertension is unknown. Some conditions may increase the risk of developing the condition, including the following: Pre-existing hypertension (high blood pressure) Kidney disease.
What is considered hypertension during pregnancy?
A blood pressure that is greater than 130/90 mm Hg or that is 15 degrees higher on the top number from where you started before pregnancy may be cause for concern. High blood pressure during pregnancy is defined as 140 mm Hg or higher systolic, with diastolic 90 mm Hg or higher.
What are the four different types of hypertension in pregnancy?
Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are classified into 4 categories, as recommended by the National High Blood Pressure Education Program
1) chronic hypertension
2) preeclampsia-eclampsia
3) preeclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertension
4) gestational