Follicular Study 

What is a follicular study?

A follicular study is done to track the growth of follicles in a woman’s ovaries. It is also known as a follicular scan or follicular monitoring. This involves a series of scans to ascertain when the mature egg will be released and the uterine walls will thicken.

How many days follicular study is done?

A follicle scan is done several times during a woman’s menstrual cycle, usually between days 9-20. The scan detects when does a follicle rupture and release the egg. Follicle scans have several other uses listed below are some of them: Follicles which do not grow till the time of rupture can be diagnosed.

What is the normal follicular study report?

A follicle size of 14 mm on day 12 is just ok for day12. However the endometrial thickness is not very good. You need to track follicular growth. If it matures to 20mm chances of egg release are more.